33 Golden Ale (3.5%)

A beautiful deep golden colour, our mid strength Golden Ale is a fusion of American and English Pale Ale styles. Crispy and hoppy, bursting with citrus flavours and aromas.

44 Red Ale (5.0%)

A rich ruby colour with copper hues, this American style Red Ale is full bodied with roasted crystal malt characters balanced against citrus and pine notes with a smooth bitter finish.

55 Pale Ale (5.5%)

Fifty Five Pale Ale displays a deep amber colour along with an alluring full-bodied, complex character.
We add truck loads of American cascade hops late in the brewing process giving the Fifty Five its classic bouquet and spicy flavour.

69 Summer Ale (4.6%)

Riverside 69 Summer Ale is brewed using 100% Australian grown barley and wheat malts, balanced with a generous amount of Australian Galaxy hops. An easy drinking ‘session’ beer, the 69 Summer Ale displays a beautiful citrus and passion fruit aroma followed by a clean, refreshing finish.

77 IPA (7.7%)

Seventy Seven is a big American style IPA. This beer is a celebration of hops utilising four hop varieties throughout the boil and ferment. Seventy Seven starts big then finishes clean leaving you wanting more.

777 Imperial IPA (9.2%)

The ‘777′ Imperial IPA is brewed with a massive amount of four different US hop varieties, including a healthy dose of the relatively new hop Mosaic, giving aromas of tropical, citrus and pine. We add enough malt to give ‘777′ a solid backbone, but not too much to ensure the hops will take centre stage.

HEX Extra Pale Ale (4.2%)

HEX Extra Pale Ale is brewed with 3 malts and a big dosing of 3 different hops, Mosaic, Citra & Waimea. It packs a big, juicy citrus and tropical punch. This beer is made for hop lovers to session the hell out of, but beware the HEX Extra Pale Ale could put a spell on you.

Peril Imperial Double Stout (Vintage 2021) (10%)

As the name would suggest, this Imperial Stout is indeed perilous. With flavours of dark chocolate and hints of dark dried fruits from the malt and hops this stout will take you on a journey, leading you astray as the beer warms and the flavours get bolder. At a dangerous 10% ABV, the peril begins with the first sip.

Stache Milk Stout (5.0%)

This Milk Stout (or Sweet Stout) is beautifully balanced with roasted bitterness complimented by a subtle sweetness and a hint of citrus from the late hop addition of Centennial. We have not tried to go over-the-top but instead created a beer that you will want to go back for.

Tropico Juicy IPA (6.0%)

Stand back as a tropical wind of citrus, mangoes and pineapple washes over you, as you fall into the silky mouthfeel and refreshing finish. Private-Island Getaway anyone?